Miwex awarded certificate "Doceń Polskie"

Miwex awarded certificate "Doceń Polskie"

Two ketchup from the Department of Food Production MIWEX of Ostrow Mazowiecka were awarded certificate...

20-11-2014 News

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Know what You eat!

Know what You eat Healthy ketchup

Eating dishes containing tornatoes, including ketchups - has good influence on man's health, as tornatoes and products based on them contain karotenoids, that is antioxides protecting our organisms against free radicals. One of the karnetoids is likopenium , which gives the tomatoes their red colour. Scientific research showed that eating many products containing likopenium


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We work along with the biggest Polish food wholesalers in north-east and central Poland.

Our motto -“You know what you eat" obliges us to eonstant development, in order to ensure European standards of both quality and taste.

We also offer our business partners attractive bargain.

All interested in our products shall feel invited to cooperate.


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