Miwex awarded certificate "Doceń Polskie"

Food Production Plant] 'MIWEX' was the winner of the National Programme for the Promotion 'Appreciate Polish. "Experts Lodge awarded two ketchup manufacturer. April 24 this year., During the eighth audit program emblem that two ketchups to offer this facility: spicy and mild. The honorary patronage program, Minister of Agriculture and Food Development Wsi.Wszystkie applying for a promotional sign "Appreciate Polish" undergo a two-stage evaluation process. the aim of the first one is to check whether the product has called. Polish factor, so that is associated with our country, eg. by ingredients or recipe.

Products that pass the verification shall be admitted admitted to the second stage - the certification audit. In this part of the decisive vote belongs to the Lodge of Experts, which is przewodniczącyrn Mirek Drewniak, experienced chef. In addition, the Lodge sit among representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the chefs representing the Chefs' Club Foundation. Knowledge and professional experience of the members of the Lodge Experts allow them to comprehensively assess reliably l products participating in the program. Each of the experts will evaluate groceries, and then grants them points on a 1-10 scale.
Notes are issued in three categories. The assessment covers the taste and appearance of the product, as well as the value of the product for its price. Food that receive high marks from experts gain the certificate "Appreciate Polish".

A positive result of a two-stage evaluation process is an important feedback for both producers and consumers. Manufacturers thus gain an additional advantage in a highly competitive market, and consumers - ensure that the product 2 Gorla program has been fairly tested by professionals. This certi fi cate is also a clear confirmation of the origin of the product and a valuable tip for people who are trying to support local producers, buy Polish food.